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Chien-fei Chen

Director of Education & Diversity, Research Professor


Dr. Chien-fei Chen serves as the Director of Education and Diversity Programs and Research Professor at CURENT.

Chien-fei Chen received her Ph.D. in Sociology from Washington State University. Her research within social psychology focuses on how the content and structure of social relations are mediated through social norms, networks, interpersonal communication and related psychological factors at both individual and group levels. Within this general framework, Dr. Chen’s work is especially concerned with the mechanism, transmission and enforcement of social norms; and emphasizes the roles of social networks, norms and psychological factors on the influence of individuals’ decision-making. This insight facilitates the investigation of the social and structural processes that motivate behavioral and psychological changes and how they relate to issues of energy and health.

Dr. Chen's environmental research areas include energy literacy and the diffusion of renewable energy knowledge, environmental beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and public opinions over environmental issues. Regarding the topic of health, her research concentrates on the influence of social psychological factors on the behaviors of alcohol consumption, drunk driving, body image and sexual behaviors among adolescents and college students.

Currently, she leads the research effort examining the social impact of energy and power systems at CURENT.

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