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Education Coordinator

Coordinator II, Center for Electric Power - 17000000YY 

Pay Grade: 40

CURENT (Center for Ultra-wide-area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks) at UTK is an NSF/DOE funded Center with the primary goal to develop transforming technologies to allow reliable operation of the electric transmission infrastructure across vast distances and over multiple time scales. The purpose of the Education and Outreach Coordinator (EOC) is (1) to coordinate all education and outreach activities of CURENT in collaboration with the EPC Director, EPC Deputy Director, and the Director for Education, and the Director for Pre-College outreach/education; (2) to develop the array of education and outreach activities of CURENT including the general public, K-12 programs at schools, mentoring networks for high school teachers and students, mentoring networks both for undergraduates and graduates, coordination of outreach-linked-to-research with nearby power industry including EPRI, ORNL, TVA and EnerNex; (3) to participate in organizing workshops and conferences related to education and outreach; and (4) coordinate with counterparts at the NSF-funded Centers in Engineering.


Education: Bachelor’s degree

Experience: Three or more years of experience is desired in one or more of the following areas; science and technology, research, and/or education applications. Experience working in collaboration with researchers with BS, MS and Ph.D. degrees to meet project tasks.

Job Skills: Experience scheduling and coordinating educational activities, giving presentations to general public groups. Knowledge of current educational research in area of power systems, power electronics or energy systems is a plus. Field and/or laboratory experience in some area of power systems or power electronics is a plus. 

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In the meantime, please direct any education related questions to Wendy below. Please note that employment inquiries will not be addressed or answered.