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CURENT SLC Newsletter

For September 2016

News on the Center, Faculties, Students, Opportunities, and Events

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Wide Band Gap (WBG) Traineeship review by Department of Energy (DOE) was held on September 2nd at University of Tennessee. Anant Agarwal, Pawel Gradzki, and Ziaur Rahman from DOE; Al Hefner from NIST; Laura Marlino from ORNL; and Steve Walsh, and Victor Veliadis from Power America attended the review session. Ongoing WBG research at UTK and new course contents based on WBG devices are presented in the session. Power America activities on WBG are also presented in the session. After the review session, the reviewers visited and discussed with students in Reconfigurable Grid Emulator Hardware Testbed, WBG Low and Medium Power Electronics Laboratory, High Voltage and Power Electronics Laboratory, and FNET Grid Monitoring.


ECCE 2016 Conference

Students at CURENT presented their respective research at IEEE Energy Conversion Congress & Exposition (ECCE) on September 18 to 22 at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Four presentations and one poster sessions are presented from CURENT at that conference.

IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power

On October 4-6, IEEE PELS Workshop on Emerging Technologies: Wireless Power (2016 WoW) will be held at Knoxville, Tennessee. Four research articles on wireless power transfer will be presented on that workshop.

Coffee Break

SLC is organizing a coffee break on October 5th at the balcony of Min H. Kao building. This is the first coffee break of Fall 2016 semester. All students, faculties, and staffs are expected to join the event to interact.

Paper and Poster Submission for 2016 CURENT Site Visit

For the upcoming 2016 CURENT Site Visit on November, the deadline for poster and full paper submission is October 7th. If you have not received a QR code for the poster yet, you can get one from the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/GDpqAH47xopZsgpZ2

CURENT Seminars

Dr. Ryan D. Quint to Give Presentation

Dr. Quint will give a presentation in the industry seminar on October 14th. He is working in North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) as a Senior Engineer, Reliability Initiatives & System Analysis.

Past Seminars

Professor Yongdong Li form Tsinghua University gave the presentation on “Multilevel Converters: Recent Development of Topologies and their Control” on September 16th. He discussed different multilevel converters topologies, derived multi-level DC/AC converters, and derived multi-level AC-AC converters.

Dr. Maha Krishnamurphy, Assistant Vice President of Licensing, UTRF, gave the presentation on September 30th, on Intellectual Property - Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights. She talked about patent process, things can be patented, commercial potential of patent, and how to build product around a patent.

Jobs & Internships

Image result for Dominion company

Dominion – Graduate Internship

Dominion is hiring MS or PhD students for the Electric Transmission Operations Engineering. Details can be found in Job Openings & Internships Page on Confluence. (Pages/Education & Outreach Home/General Educational Information/Job Openings & Internships)

Tesla – Power Electronics

Tesla has multiple opening for MS or PhD students in the area of Power Electronics and Control at Palo Alto, Deer Creek office. (https://www.tesla.com/careers/)

More job openings and internships information



EPRI OpenDSS Training

CURENT held a UTK-EPRI Workshop on OpenDSS functionality on September 15th. The OpenDSS is a comprehensive electrical power system simulation tool designed for electric utility power distribution systems. The OpenDSS tool has been used for research and consulting projects since 1997. in support of various research and consulting projects requiring distribution system analysis Mr. Roger C. Dugan, Sr. Technical Executive with EPRI in Knoxville, provided background information about OpenDSS and Dr. Davis Montenegro, Engineer Scientist II for EPRI in Knoxville, provided examples of the applications of OpenDSS.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Tour

CURENT is organizing ORNL lab tour for new grad students and potential future grad students on October 2016. This will be the first field trip by CURENT SLC for Fall 2016.


K-12 Outreach

CURENT had two outreach program at Lake City on September 22th, and Green Academy on September 29th. The activities include solar car races, against the wind, electric circuit boards, glue the clue, and shifting shape to motivate kids for engineering through different interesting fun activities. In Lake City, 74 kids, over 120 total guests, and additional 30 teachers attended the outreach program. The Green Magnet Academy event had similar numbers.

Upcoming Outreach Activities

CURENT is having two upcoming outreach activities next October. The K-8 outreach at Greenback ES Lab Tours will be held on October 5th. The HS outreach will have Engineers Day Tours on October 20th and Teacher Workshop/BOSS on October 22th.


Bowling at Maple Alley

SLC is also organizing another social event at Maple Alley for bowling in October.



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