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Dr. Xiaojing Xu, University of Tennessee, gives CURENT Power and Energy Seminar on Friday, April 9

Dr. Xiaojing Xu, University of Tennessee, will present the CURENT Power and Energy Seminar (ECE 496 and 691) on Friday, April 9 from 1:00 pm to 1:50 pm. The seminar will be available via ZOOM. The ZOOM link will be sent to CURENT students and faculty through email. Contact Wendy if you need a link.

Presenter: Dr. Xiaojing Xu

Title: Two routes of decision-making in energy consumption

Abstract: This talk will discuss the two routes (central vs. peripheral) of decision-making in energy-consumption, supported by empirical studies. The presenter hopes to broaden the view of engineering students by considering factors other than technology features and financial incentives.

Bio: Dr. Xiaojing Xu, PhD in Experimental Psychology, a former researcher from CURENT. Xiaojing is interested in decision-making and pro-social behavior research, particularly in energy-environmental issues and solutions. Her research investigates how factors other than financial incentives affect decision-making. Her work as been published in journals such as Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, Energy Policy, Energy, Energy Research and Social Science, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Building and Environment and more.

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