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First Patent for CURENT Issued for Power Grid Monitoring

CURENT has been issued its first patent for Power Grid Monitoring

A patent titled as Mobile Platform Phasor Measurement Unit Based on Electric Field Sensor (Patent No.: U.S. 10,024,897) and filed by Dr. Yilu Liu’s group was issued on July 17th 2018. This is the first issued patent for CURENT and was worked on over the past four years by: Dr. Yilu Liu, Dr. Wenxuan Yao, Dr. Lingwei Zhan, Dr. Wei Gao, and Mr. Haoyang Lu.

This patent describes a non-contact and portable monitoring device that will assess the health of electric power grid in real time. It uses a wireless electric field sensor to capture the power grid signal and a mobile platform (e.g., smartphone and tablet) to perform phasor calculation. The real-time measurements can then be transmitted to the data server via WIFI or 4G LTE network and saved in the local memory of mobile platforms for data backup. By utilizing the new technology in this patent, it is promising that wide deployment of wireless measurement devices will be achieved in future smart grids. With the advantages of easy installation, portability, and convenience, this mobile monitoring device has a great market potential in industrial applications as a cost-effective solution for power grid monitoring.