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Liyan Zhu, University of Tennessee, Gives Power and Energy Seminar

Liyan Zhu, University of Tennessee PhD candidate, will give the CURENT Power and Energy Seminar on Friday, April 17th, from 12:20pm to 1:10pm via ZOOM.  

Time: Friday, April 17th, 12:20 PM - 1:10 PM EST

Location: Online. This seminar will be available through ZOOM. See info near bottom of this email.

Presenter: Liyan Zhu, University of Tennessee 

Title: Transient Analysis When Applying GaN + Si Hybrid Switching Modules to an EV Onboard Charger

Abstract: Wide-bandgap (WBG) devices are considered to be a better alternative to silicon switches to realize high-efficiency and high-power-density power electronics converters, such as electric vehicle (EV) onboard chargers. The two major challenges of GaN devices are their relatively high cost (~5 times compared to Si) and much smaller footprint than Si, which though is preferred in the high-power-density application is preferred but brings thermal challenges. Much like SiC is paralleled with Si, and GaN could be paralleled with Si to resolve these challenges. In this article, gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility transistors (HEMTs) are paralleled to various Si MOSFETs. Two different triggering approaches are considered: one adds a time delay between gate signals and the other uses a pulse triggering technique. Both methods ensure that the GaN endures the switching loss, while the Si switches conduct the majority of the current, thereby maximizing the advantages of both types of switches. To follow is a comprehensive study of the critical transient processes, such as the gate cross talking between Si and GaN, current commutation in the dead band, voltage spikes during the turn-off caused by parasitics, the thermal performance, and the cost analysis. Demonstrated success testing this approach at 400 V/80 A provides evidence that this is a possible approach in the onboard EV battery charger applications. The success of testing under 400 V/80 A makes it possible for an onboard EV battery charger.

Bio: Liyan Zhu received his B.S. degree from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Kunming University of Science and Technology, Kunming, China, in 2017. He is currently pursuing the Ph.D. degree with the Center for Ultrawide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks (CURENT), University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, USA. His research interests include WBG device-based dc/dc converters, magnetic components, fast chargers, and auxiliary power modules in EV.stability assessment and control, and renewable resources.

Zoom Information:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://tennessee.zoom.us/j/711256283

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