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Three papers by CURENT students and faculty have named for best conference paper awards at the 2015 IEEE PES General Meeting to be held July 26-30 in Denver, CO. The paper titles and authors are listed below. Congratulations to all the authors! 

Paper #1: Universal Grid Analyzer Design and Development

Authors: Lingwei Zhan, The University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UTK); Jianyang Zhao, UTK; Shengyou Gao, Tsinghua University; Jerel Culliss, UTK; Yong Liu, UTK; and Yilu Liu, UTK

Paper #2: Measurement Accuracy Limitation Analysis on Synchrophasors

Authors: Jiecheng Zhao, UTK; Lingwei Zhan, UTK; Yilu Liu, UTK; Hairong Qi, UTK; Jose R. Garcia, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL); and Paul D. Ewing; ORNL

 Paper #3: A GPS-free Power Grid Monitoring System over Mobile Platforms

Authors: Haoyang Lu, UTK; Lingwei Zhan, UTK; Yilu Liu, UTK; and Wei Gao, UTK