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Whittle Springs Becomes CURENT Pre-college Partner

March 16th, 2012


From left to right: Scott Bacon (Knox. Co. Schools), Suzette Stiles (UT), Dr. Chen, Dr. Hobby, Sharon Harder (Whittle Springs), Adam Hardebeck (UT)

CURENT has added a new partner school for its pre-college outreach initiatives. Dr. Chien-fei Chen, the center's Co-Director of Education & Diversity, and Principal Jill Hobby signed the agreement form to officially add Whittle Springs Middle School to CURENT's partnership program.

"The partnership with CURENT aligns with our school mission to create opportunities for students and staff to grow in all academic areas," said Dr. Hobby after the partnership ceremony, which was broadcast to school faculty and staff.

Pre-college partners are identified by need and location, and schools that are in the partnership programs can collaborate on science nights, fields trips, and additional science outreach opportunities for students.

"Whittle Springs salutes the CURENT Engineering Research Center for giving back to the urban population we serve," Hobby said. CURENT-Logo_Transparent-tiny.png


For additional information about pre-college outreach, please contact Adam Hardebeck at ahardebe@utk.edu.


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