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Chongwen Zhao

Status in CURENT:

Chongwen Zhao is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxvile in Electrical Engineering, with an anticipated graduation year of 2018.


Biographic Info:

Office Location: MHK 322

Email: czhao9@vols.utk.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daniel Costinett

Academic Background:

Xidian University, China, 2011

B.S. in Electronics Engineering

Zhejiang University, China, 2014

M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Research Interests:

High power density and high efficiency converters, soft switching techniques, wide bandgap devices applications.


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[2]. Chongwen Zhao, Zhibo Wang, Jin Du, Jiande Wu, Sheng Zong, Xiangning. He; “An Active Resonance Wireless Power Transfer System with Phase Shift Control Strategy”, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), 2014

[3]. Chongwen Zhao, Jin Du, Jiande Wu, Xiangning He, Mengkun Yan; “Contactless Measurement of Temperature based on Transient Wireless Energy Transmission”, Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, Mar 2013.

[4]. Hongbin Yu, Xiang Xiang, Chongwen Zhao, Yi  Zhao, Wuhua, Li, Xiangning He; “Performance Analysis of a ZVS Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Reduced Voltage Stress on High Voltage Side”, Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition, Mar 2013.