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Abdulelah Alharbi

Status in CURENT:

Abdulelah Alharbi is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Electrical Engineering, with an anticipated graduation year of 2018.

Biorgaphic Info:

Office Location: MHK 412

Email: aalharb3@vols.utk.edu 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yilu Liu 

Academic Background:

 Qassim University, Saudi Arabia

B.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2009

 University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

M.S. in Electrical Engineering, 2013

Research Interests:

Power and Energy systems, Smart Grid, Power system economic dispatch.

Current Work:

My current research is focused on correlating generator trips to changes in market prices based on locational marginal prices (LMPs). 


[1] A. Alharbi, A. Eltom, and N. Sisworahardjo “Impact of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Battery Charging on a Distribution System Based on Real-Time Digital Simulator.” International Conference on Renewable Energies and Power Quality, Cordoba Spain, 8th to 10th April 2014.