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Chang Chen

Status in CURENT:

Chang is a visiting PhD student through 2010.


Biographic Info -

Hometown: Fu Shun ,Liao Ning

Country: China

Office Location: MHK 514

Email: cchen75@utk.edu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yilu Liu


Academic Background:

Institution: Electrical Engineering and its Automation, Sichuan University

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Graduation Year: 2015


Research Interests:

  • Power quality
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Modeling



1. Shengjun Zhou, Chang Chen, etc.Harmonic transmission characteristic analysis of half-wavelength AC transmission line based on pole distribution feature of frequency-length factor[J], High Voltage Engineering, 2018,44(1):51-58.

2. Chang Chen, Honggeng Yang,etc.Harmonic transmission characteristic analysis of non-standard half-wavelength AC transmission line [J], Power System Technology, 2018,42(5):1580-1587.

3. Chang Chen, Honggeng Yang Study on resonance for wind-thermal-bundled power transmitted by half wave length AC transmission system [J],Electric Power Automation Equipment,(in press)


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Chang Chen