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Qingxin Shi

Status in CURENT:

Qingxin Shi is a PhD student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Electrical Engineering, with an anticipated ending date of 2019.Jonathan_Devadason_med.JPG

Biographic Info:

Hometown: Beijing

Country: People’s Republic of China

Office Location: 213 Min H. Kao Building

Email: qshi1@vols.utk.edu

Faculty Advisor:Dr. Fran Li

Academic Background:

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
   M.Sc. in Energy Systems
   Graduation Year: 2014

Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China
   B.S. in Electrical Engineering
   Graduation Year: 2011

Research Interests:

Demand response, power system dynamic and renewable energy integration


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[2] H. Hu, Q. Shi, Z. He, J. H, and S. Gao, "Potential harmonic resonance impacts of PV inverter filters on distribution systems," IEEE Trans. Sustain. Energy, vol.6, no.1, pp.151,161, Jan. 2015.

[3] Q. Shi, H. Hu, W. Xu, and J. Yong, "Low-order harmonic characteristics of photovoltaic inverters," Int. Trans. Electr. Energ. Syst., ETEP-2085, to be published.