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Wenyun Ju

Status in CURENT: 

Wenyun is a Ph.D. student at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in Electrical Engineering.

Biographic Info:

Office Location: 207 Min. H. Kao building


Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kai Sun

Academic Background:

Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

M.S. in Power System & Automation, 2013

Sichuan University

B.S. in Electrical Engineering & Automation, 2010

Research Interests:

Prediction and prevention of cascading failure in power grid.


[1] Wenyun Ju, Junjian Qi, Kai Sun, “Simulation and analysis of cascading failures on an NPCC power system test bed”, to be presented at 2015 IEEE PES General Meeting. 

[2] Wenyun Ju, Yinhong Li, “Identification of critical lines and nodes in power grid based on maximum flow transmission contribution degree”, Automation of Electric Power Systems, 2012, 36(9): 6-12. 

[3] Gaowang Li, Wenyun Ju, Xianzhong Duan, et al, “Transmission characteristic analysis of the electric power dispatching data network”, Proceedings of the CSEE, 2012, 32(22):141-148.

[4] Gaowang Li, Wenyun Ju, Dongyuan Shi, “Functional vulnerability assessment of SCADA network”, Asia-Pacific Power and Energy Engineering Conference, March 27-29, 2012, Shanghai, China.