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Faculty Research Projects Overview

Alex Stankovic

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Ali Abur

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Daniel Costinett

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Fran Li

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Fred Wang

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Joe Chow

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Kai Sun

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Kevin Bai

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Kevin Tomsovic

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Leon Tolbert

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Stella Sun

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Yilu Liu

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Student Presentations

Cesar Galvez
Fault Location in Meshed and Active Power Distribution Networks

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:07)

Chengwen Zhang
GridDamper: An adaptive Power Grid Oscillation Damper

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:03)

Haiguo Li
The Impact of the Lightning Surge on SiC-based Medium-voltage Three-phase Four-wire Gridconnected Converters

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:08)

He Yin
Phasor Time Shift Detection and Alignment with Synchronized Measurement Devices and Phasor Data Centers

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:21)

Jin Zhao
Deep Learning (DL) based Model-free Robust Load Restoration to Enhance Bulk System Resilience with Wind Power Penetration

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:04)

Jingjing Sun
Converter-Based Emulator of a Data Center Power Distribution System

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:53)

Liang Qiao
Nodal Admittance Matrix Based Area Partition Method for Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Large-Scale Power Electronics Rich Power Systems

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:01)

Paychuda Kritprajun
Reactive Power Allocation of PV Inverters for Voltage Support in Power Systems Based on Transactive Energy Approach

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:56)

Qiwei Zhang
Cyber-Vulnerability Analysis (CVA) for Real-Time Power Market Operation

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:31)

Ramtin Khalili
Iterative Linear State Estimation Using a Limited Number of PMU Measurements

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:47)

Samaneh Morovati
Inertia Emulation Control using Demand Response via 5G Communications

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:45)

Shutang You
Power Grid Stability Assessment and Improvement Based on AI

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:50)

Tianwei Xia
Estimation of Participation Factors for Power System Oscillation from Measurements

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:27)

Xingxuan Huang
Noise Immunity of Desat Protection Circuitry for High Voltage SiC MOSFETs with High dv/dt

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:00)

Yang Huang
A Novel SPWM-based Common-mode Voltage elimination Modulation Method for Dual Three-phase Motors

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:50)

Yang Liu
A Dynamized Power Flow Method based on Differential Transformation

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:27)

Yu Yan
Building Common-Mode Analytical Model for Dual Active Bridge Incorporating with Different Modulation Strategies

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (4:23)

Zhou Dong
Instability Issue of Paralleled Dies in a SiC Power Module in Solid-state Circuit Breaker Applications

Youtube_colored_16px.png Youtube Link (3:04)