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Poster titles - Japan

Study on the Harmonized Control of Residential Batteries - Prof. Yuzuru Ueda, Tokyo University of Science

Optimal Operation of Transmission Networks with dynamic Line Ratings under High Penetration of Renewable Energy Sources - Prof. Hideharu Sugihara, Osaka University 

Decentralized Control of Inverter Networks for Voltage Regulation - Prof. Yoshito Ohta, Kyoto University

Demand Response Smart Grid Economics Project in Japan - Prof. Takanori Ida, Kyoto University

Regional Demand-Supply Management based on Dynamic Pricing in Multi-period Energy Market - Mr. Yoshihiro Okawa, Keio University

Faithful Implementations of Distributed Algorithms and Control Laws - Dr. Takashi Tanaka, MIT

Group Optimization for Conserving In-Vehicle Batteries Shared in Apartment Buildings - Prof. Akihiko Kawashima, Nagoya University

Validation of Model Predictive Home Energy Management System Using Actual Equipment - Manager Akira Ito, DENSO CORPORATION

Home Energy Management System, with Consideration of Consumer Acceptability - Prof. Yumiko Iwafune, University of Tokyo

Development of a bottom-up type residential energy end-use model - Prof. Yoshiyuki Shimoda, Osaka University

Collaborative researches between meteorologists and researchers in the EMS - Dr. Takeshi Watanabe, Tokai University

Evaluation of Stochastic Optimization of Operational Planning Scheme for Residential Energy Systems - Prof. Yoshiharu Amano, Waseda University

Determination Method of Voltage Control Parameters Based on Input-output Relationship Database in Distribution System - Mr. Shinya Yoshizawa, Waseda University

Poster titles - US

 A Fundamental Study of Applying Wind Turbines for Power System Frequency Control - Prof. Joe Chow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

NSF I/UCRC for Real-Time Intelligence for Smart Electric Grid Operations - Prof. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Clemson University

Computational Modeling for Resilient Electricity-Gas Infrastructures (CMREX) - Prof. Anu Annaswamy, MIT

Bridging the Gap: Distributed Frequency Control and Economic Efficiency - Prof. Na Li, Harvard University

Holonic Multi-Agent Control of Intelligent Power Distribution Systems - Dr. Anil Pahwa, Kansas State University

PowerCyber: A CPS Testbed for Security and Resiliency of Smart Grid - Dr. Manimaran Govindarasu & Dr. Ashok Aditya, Iowa State University

Fast Time-Domain Simulation Using Semi-Analytic Solutions of Power System DAEs - Dr. Kai Sun, University of Tennessee

An Interaction Model for Simulation and Mitigation of Cascading Failures - Dr. Kai Sun, University of Tennessee