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Tuskegee University Facilities

The Department of Electrical Engineering maintains a number of laboratories used to support classes and research in the areas of control systems, power systems, power electronics and electrical drives, and communications.

The Control Systems Laboratory consists of linear and nonlinear mechanisms such as inverted pendulums, rectilinear mass/spring/damper system, an industrial plant emulator, a magnetic levitator, and a gyroscope.

The Power Systems Laboratory is installed with equipment specialized for education and research in the area of power engineering, which includes various DC and AC power supplies, adjustable loads at different power levels, and high-end measurement devices. There is also a solar house and an electrical car powered by solar energy from previous research activities, which can be updated for future research related to renewable energy systems.

The Department is currently upgrading the Power Electronics and Electrical Drives Laboratory to facilitate advanced research in the design and control of power converters and induction motor controllers. Additional facilities include a communications laboratory and a Class 1000 clean room capable of synthesizing thin film solar cells and electronic devices including those used in high power applications.