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Students and Industry

CURENT offers several ways for industry members and students at the four Partner Universities to connect with each other. 

1. Industry and student seminars. These seminars are open to both students and industry. 

Student seminars occur every Friday, except when an industry seminar is scheduled. Students seminars are either research presentations given by the students or professional development courses. These seminars give the students a chance to present their research to their peers or to gain valuable real world skills. Most of these seminars are also available to industry via ZOOM or WebEx. All the seminars are listed on the CURENT calendar and also in CURENT News

The industry seminars are given by prominent members of the industry sector and are usually scheduled on the last Friday of the month. Most of these are webcast in real time and recorded for later viewing.  

2. Listing of all the CURENT Industry member's career websites.

The listing is maintained for students wishing to learn about career opportunities with CURENT industry members.

3. PES career website.

The website PES Careers US & Canada is a free career service for students and employers provided by the IEEE Power & Energy Society.

On this website, students can:

    • Post their resume and profile.
    • Search for employers and jobs that match their criteria.
    • Enable employers to find them.

On this website, employers can:

    • Request to be listed in the Employer directory.
    • Post job openings, internships, and announcements of other opportunities.
    • Search for students and their resumes. (PES Employer User Guide)