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Industry Membership

Be a Partner

Our Industrial Partners are integral keys to the long-term success of CURENT’s research program.  Our goal is to create a center that links engineering research to technological innovation through sustained partnerships with industry.  This collaboration will stimulate technology transfer into commercial products and start-up companies.  

Membership allows our Industrial Partners involvement, access, and collaboration in research, education programs, and product development. Industrial Partners will have first-hand knowledge of research plans and findings, as well as opportunities to present technological needs to research faculty and students.  The Industrial Resident/Access Program will provide technical staff from member companies the opportunity to work with students and faculty as full- or part-time residents. The Center will provide industrial residents with lab access and office space; their time will be covered at their respective company's expense. 

CURENT hosts annual conferences, seminars, and other frequent meetings to summarize research progress. Short courses and workshops are also offered to our Industrial Partners to attend free of charge. Outreach programs are organized as technology roadmap discussions involving academia, industry, and governmental agencies. The CURENT website serves as a key portal for information dissemination to members and the community at large having a similar interest.  Selected representatives of the Industrial Partnership serve as members of the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) that advises the Center on its strategic plan, research projects, research implementation, annual funding, and other resource allocations for the Center and its research thrusts.

Member Benefits

  • Leverage the Center's core funding from government agencies and influence its research and education direction
  • Access to a pool of experts that cross several technological disciplines
  • Preferential access to graduate and undergraduate students for internships and employment
  • Annual Center conferences, periodic web-based seminars, etc. for quick dissemination of research outcome and opportunities to provide feedback
  • Opportunities to network and exchange with other members
  • Preferential intellectual property (IP) arrangement

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