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All CURENT partner universities share a common goal to develop education programs that will provide multi-disciplinary, team-driven, and systems-oriented educational opportunities to pre-college and university students, as well as practicing engineers.


Activities that inspire young students and teachers to learn engineering-related knowledge


Research experiences, certificate programs and innovative curriculum offerings for university-level students


Specialized certificate programs, CURENT-specific curriculum tracks, and industry connectivity activities for graduate-level students.


  • To design a multi-disciplinary curriculum focused on electric energy transmission system analysis and problem-solving skills

  • To develop connectivity with industry, partner institutions, and the larger power and energy system community

  • To introduce pre-college and undergraduate students to the possibility of pursuing careers in power and energy

  • To extend education and outreach program development to each CURENT partner campus

  • To establish programs that increase domestic student participation and attract minority and underrepresented students