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Graduate Certificate Program for CURENT Students

Graduate students in the Center will have the option of obtaining a certificate that specializes their knowledge in specific research thrusts.

Program Details (PDF)

To earn the CURENT Graduate-level Certificate, students at any partner school will have to complete the following required courses:

  • 620 Introduction to Ultra-wide-area- Resilient Electrical Energy Transmission Networks (The CURENT Course) (3 credits) : Ultra-wide-area monitoring, measurement, situational awareness analysis, visualization, actuation and control; modeling, simulation and fast computation for power system analysis; power system state estimation and prediction; transmission network architecture; multi-level flat control architecture; market effect and social impact; communication and cyber security; large-scale system test bed; and hardware test bed. Prerequisites: Consent of instructor
  • Technical Concentration Courses: Three courses selected from Table 1.
  • Entrepreneurship, economics, and innovation courses: One course from Table 2.

Table 1

UTK EECS 512 - Multi-variable Linear Control System Design EECS 599 (2) - Power System Analysis Tools & Application
UTK EECS 521 - Power Systems Analysis I EECS 615 - Control of Electric Machines
UTK EECS 522 - Power Systems Analysis II

EECS 621 - Computer Method for Power System Analysis

UTK EECS 523 - Power Electronics and Drives EECS 623 - Advanced Power Electronics and Drives
UTK  EECS 525 - Alternative Energy Sources EECS 625 - Utility Applications of Power Electronics

EECS 542 - Communication Systems Simulation

EECS 631 - Advanced Topics in Electronic Instrumentation
UTK  EECS 543 - Digital Communication Systems  EECS 642 Wireless Communications
UTK  EECS 599 (1) - Optimization App to Power System  EECS 691 - Power Engineering

Table 2

UTK IE 405 - Engineering Economic Analysis IE 518 - Advanced Engineering Economic Analysis
UTK ME 517 - Engineering Entrepreneurship  

New Course Development

In addition to the new 'CURENT Course,' several other courses are being developed as well. These courses will be added as soon as they are available.