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Veteran Opportunities

CURENT supports multiple opportunities for veterans.  Whether you are a K-12 Teacher, Community College Instructor, or Undergraduate Student, CURENT has programs that might fit well into your interests.  We call these programs Research Experience for Veterans (REV), but we often merge participants into other programs we have that are similar.

The primary programs that we offer are the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) and the Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU).  


Research Experience for Teachers

This program helps K-12 Teachers and Community College Instructors develop curriculum related to electricity and the power grid.  The program is full-time (35+ hours) per week for 4 weeks during the summer or under special circumstances can be arranged as several hour long bi-weekly meetings throughout the fall and spring.


Research Experience for Undergraduataes

This program places undergraduates into power systems or power electroncis research projects.  The summer program is full-time (35+hours) and 8 weeks long and provides many amenities like graduate mentors, free housing, and professional development seminars.  Students can also request fall or spring research experience that is part time.