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Young Scholars Program

2021 Virtual Program dates to be announced in January


Program Details

CURENT works with partner high schools to recruit talented rising high school sophomores, juniors and seniors as Young Scholars in the Center's research labs. Summer Young Scholars are expected to participate in an unpaid four-week summer research experience at the Center.  

As part of a K-12 work program or out of personal interest, the Young Scholars work with faculty and graduate students to conduct research projects.  The summer program requires students to be onsite for 6-8 hours each day. 

There are many different opportunities available.  Most research topics available will be about electrical engineering or computer science.  Occasionally other topics will be available like nanomaterial development and biomedical engineering.  The selection of topics each semester depends on the availability of students and faculty.

The Young Scholars program is designed to help capable young people develop an interest in careers related to electrical power and energy systems. Young Scholars will later be encouraged to attend universities affiliated with CURENT, and be given priority for REU opportunities. These opportunities will eventually lead to graduate fellowships.

To learn about past YSP projects, view the CURENT Education website.

CURENT Education Website - http://education.curent.utk.edu/grad/ysp/young-scholars-project/


Application information:

All Young Scholars are expected to submit 2 letters of recommendation, 1 unofficial transcript, and a personal statement.   If you are going to have your references submit the letter for you, please have them upload the letter via the link on the right.  Please do not email letters.

All letters must be saved with the following format: YoungScholarsName_ReferenceLetter  

Apply Here

Link to the online application

Upload Form

Feel free to upload the following:

  • Letters of Recommendation

Documents can also be attached to the Application or emailed to education@curent.utk.edu

We ask that you upload personal statements and transcripts while you complete the online application form.

For Letters of Recommendation: Please make sure that the letterhead of the institution (school, business, etc) is on the letter.  Please do not send Word or PDF files without an official letterhead.


Questions? Comments? Email us at education@curent.utk.edu