ERC Data Collection

Submission Options

There are two options:

  1. Online Form Submission (See below) that can be updated throughout the year.
  2. Spreadsheet Template (See below - bottom of page)

Online Forms

Add New Student, Faculty, and Staff Information

  • Form for Partner schools - Dr. Anne Skutnik updates student information
  • Please Document all (BS, MS, PhD) students, visiting scholars, visiting faculty, etc.

Add Leaving Student Information

  • If you are graduating  or not coming back to CURENT then please fill out this form.
  • We need graduation dates, degree received, employment info, contact info.

Add Internship or Exchange

  • UTK and Partner School Students (Undergrad and Graduate) should fill out this form
  • Any students doing a research/industry term off-campus should be included in this form.
  • Any researchers temporarily on-campus should be included in New Student Info above and in the Internship data form.

Add Awards

  • UTK and Partner Schools (Undergrad and Graduate and Faculty) should fill out this form.
  • Conference Awards, University Awards, Organization Awards, etc.

Add Presentations

  • SLC and Industry Seminars are already recorded by Erin Wills
  • UTK and Partner School Students (Undergrad and Graduate) and Faculty should fill out this form

Add Publications

  • UTK and Partner School Students (Undergrad and Graduate) should fill out this form
  • Faculty typically fill out informaton for Brad Trento upon request and/or send their CVs periodically

Add Course

  • Form for Partner schools - Erin Wills already collects UTK information
  • All courses related to Power/ERC content and taught by a CURENT faculty member.

Add Outreach Event - PreCollege Interaction, Undergrad Recruitment, Graduate Student Recruitment

  • Includes School Presentations, Lab Tours, Recruitment Events

Upload Pictures, Support Documents, and Write-ups Here

  • These documents help write newsletters and NSF reports.  Pictures are very helpful.

Data Collection Spreadsheet Template

If you do not want to use the online forms then the data template is below.

Send the form to info@curent.utk.edu


Contact Information

Questions should be sent to


Submitted NSF Data

Data from the forms can be found on Confluence at this location:

Data Collection Spreadsheets

Data Collection Update:

Annual Late August / January Priorities:

Update the following areas:

  • New Student Documentation
  • Undergrad Research Documentation
  • Graduating Student Documentation
  • Courses Taught (Fall and Spring)


Continuous updating of these areas would be helpful:

  • Internship Data
  • Presentations
  • Awards
  • Education Outreach
  • Textbook or Journal Publications
  • Degrees and Certificates