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Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is a team of graduate students who serve as a liaison between the center and the National Science Foundation.

Additional SLC functions include:

  • Serving as a voice for all students affiliated with CURENT.
  • Providing critical feedback regarding the center's strategic plan through an annual SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis.
  • Initiating collaboration with partner schools on all CURENT activities.
  • Coordinating the center's student activities, including organization of the Annual Site Review, conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Mission Statement: The purpose of the CURENT SLC is to provide an organization for the student community that can represent their ideas for the ERC, broaden the student experience within the ERC, and help maintain the overall well-being of the ERC.

Student Leadership Council Organization

SLC Seminar Series