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Student Leadership Council Organization


Student Team

SLC President: Mitchell Smith

SLC Vice President: Taylor Short, Jeff Zhao, Summer Church, and Denis Osipov

      The SLC President and Vice Presidents lead the activities of committees and gather concerns and suggestions from the students. They also manage the SLC budget and convene SLC meetings.  

Social Activities Committee: Taylor Short, Yidan Lu

The Social Activities Committee organizes students’ social and sporting events.

Publication Committee: Jeff Zhao

The Publication Committee maintains the SLC website and organizes the newsletter.

Industry Committee: Summer Church, Yiwei Ma, Micah Till

The Industry Committee hosts the student-industry table discussion, helps maintain the safety and cleanliness of research labs and leads lab tours..

Student Seminar Committee: Denis Osipov, Saeed Anwar

The Student Seminar Committee recruits student speakers and host the weekly seminar series.

Partner Representatives: 

NEU: Chenxi Xu

RPI: Pengzhi Gao

Tuskegee: Prince Charles Owusuboateng


Student Leadership Council Bylaws

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