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The Student Leadership Council (SLC) is an excellent way to develop skills, influence change, and address the needs of CURENT undergraduate and graduate students.

The organization has several committees with each committee having leadership and support roles for it's members.  With each committee working as a team, the time and effort are minimal and well worth the potential benefit to the students.

Typical Committees include:

  • Student Activity/Event
  • Publications and News
  • Industry Relations
  • Lab Organization & Tours
  • Seminar Organization
  • Education Outreach

Join the SLC



Organizational Structure




  • Personalized Business Cards
  • SLC Shirts
  • Awards & Recognition at Site Visit
  • Trips to ERC Meetings
  • Monthly Lunch/Dinner Meetings 
  • Selection of Social Events
  • Dinners with Visitors
  • Leadership Experience for Resume
  • Increased Communication Skills 
  • Personal/Professional Development
  • Increased Knowledge of CURENT


  • Student Leadership Seminars (ECE691, 1cr., Friday's at 12:20pm) 
  • Professional Development Seminars
  • Field Trips to TVA, GPA, & EPB
  • Perfect Pitch Winner ($2,000 Prize)
  • Monthly Newsletters including
    • Job/Internship Postings
    • Student Achievements
    • Education Outreach (paid/unpaid)
    • Advertisements of Social & Special Events
  • Upcoming
    • Gift Incentive for Exit Form Completion
    • Short Course Offerings
    • Internship Notifications