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Members of the Industry Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board met with CURENT faculty on March 12th and 13th at the Energy Systems Integration Facility at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, CO to discuss the Center’s roadmap and proposed work for the next year.  This strategic planning meeting starts a year long process with the IAB and SAB to define the work for the next year by soliciting feedback from the IAB on project proposals from center faculty. 

Three speakers were invited to give presentations to kick off the meeting:

  • Carl Pechman: DOE’s Quadreiennial Energy Review
  • Benjamin Kroposki: Power System Energy Center
  • Joseph Yan: Reliability and Affordability: Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating Renewables

This meeting also gives member companies the opportunity to present on challenges they are facing in day-to-day operations and how the ERC research can help to address these issues.  Faculty and industry were given a tour of the ESIF facility during the visit.

The next meeting with the IAB and SAB will be in Denver, CO following the PES General Meeting on Thursday July 30th

The presentations of Joseph Yan and Benjamin Kroposki are attached.