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CURENT won third place for the lab tours and booth at the UTK Engineers Day on Oct. 22, 2015. Mr. Erin Wills organized the event for CURENT. The helpers for the lab tours were Lakshmi Sundaresh and Ling "Ellen" Wu for FNET and John Duggan for SeeLab. Mr. Wills conducted the HTB/Visualization Room talk. The booth and lab tour meeting spot was hosted by Deepa Dave and Yajun Wang. Approximately 50 flyers were picked up at the booth.

The exhibit award results are at the bottom of this webpage:

http://www.engr.utk.edu/ed/competitions.html and general info about the event can be found at: http://www.engr.utk.edu/ed/ 

Mr Wills estimates that, on Engineer's Day, CURENT provided tours to around 40 high school students with about half of these expressing a high level of interest in EECS. The CURENT booth saw good turnout as indicated by the number of flyers picked up.

Also, to finish off the day, Erin Wills and his crew also had an engineering night at Green Elementary with mostly 1st year grad students where about 200 people attended.