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Dominion Technical Solutions, Inc. has generously put together a relay training panel and donated it to Northeastern University (NEU) CURENT/ERC lab.

The panel was shipped to NEU a couple of weeks ago and a team of Dominion engineers and technicians - Matt Gardner, Kyle Thomas, Tania Mutmainna and Jason Weaver - visited NEU on Feb. 17th to give a full day of training to NEU graduate students on the use of the panel.

The panel is housed in the CURENT/ERC lab of NEU and includes SEL-3373 Phasor Data Concentrator, SEL 421-5 relay, and SEL 735 relay. It will be used to investigate operation of PMUs, visualization of synchrophasors and various harmonics.


Above L to R: Chenxi Xu (NEU), Alireza Rouhani (NEU), Kyle Thomas (Dominion) & Tania Mutmainna (Dominion)


 Above L to R: Chenxi Xu (NEU PhD student), Alireza Rouhani (NEU PhD student) , Kyle Thomas (Dominion) & Matt Gardner (Dominion)