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Dr. Ahou Skibba Gives Talk on Mental Health in Graduate School on April 1

Dr. Ahou Skibba will give a seminar on maintaining your mental health in graduate school on Wed. April 1 at 1 pm via ZOOM. ahou-shibba-head-shot-225x300.jpg

Presenter: Dr. Ahou Skibba, University of Tennessee

Mental Health and Coping with Graduate School

Dr. Skibba will discuss graduate school and the toll it takes on students in terms of anxiety and the mental health of students.

Bio: Dr. Shibba got her PhD from the University of  Denver.  She is a licensed clinical psychologist and health service provider. Dr. Shibba is a clinical psychologist at UT Student Counseling Center with specialty in trauma. Prior to joining the UTK team, she worked at the VA Hospital, University of Colorado at Denver and Boulder, University of Denver, and a Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles.

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