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Dr. Olga Lavrova, New Mexico State University, to give Seminar on Thur., Aug. 15

Dr. Olga Lavrova from New Mexico State University will give a special seminar titled New Mexico EPSCoR SMART Grid Center: Sustainable, Modular, Adaptive, Resilient, Transactive on Thur., Aug. 15 in MHK 124 at noon. This seminar will be available through WebEx as well. 

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Who: Dr. Olga Lavrova, New Mexico State University

Where: MHK 124

When: Thur., Aug. 15 from 12:00pm to 1:00pm 

Seminar Title: New Mexico EPSCoR SMART Grid Center: Sustainable, Modular, Adaptive, Resilient, Transactive

Abstract: High penetration of renewable energy sources, coupled with emerging storage deployments and electrification of transportation, lead to new patterns and challenges in balancing of generation and demand. Electric grid (both transmission and distribution) need to keep evolving to provide flexible access to both resources and assets on the grid. In this talk, Dr. Lavrova will describe results of the work on  the New Mexico EPSCoR Secure, Modular, Adaptive, Resilient and Transactive (SMART) Grid Center. The objective of the SMART grid center is to create a comprehensive framework for distribution feeders to evolve into managed microgrids.  We address address key questions such as: (1) What generation and storage resources should be deployed, and where should they be sited, based on local generation and demand patterns? (2) How should distribution topology and sectionalizing be organized to enable reconfiguration and resilience? (3) How to develop local energy markets?, i.e. how can transmission and distribution system operators source grid flexibility services directly from end users, including residential customers?  (4) What  tariff designs could be used to engage and benefit participants (both producers and consumers) ? (5) How to ensure traditional reliability, resiliency and quality of service of  the electric grid given new grid services model ? (6) What  services  are  considered critical, and how can these services be guaranteed? (7) How do we develop adequate protection schemes for the new grid with  high renewables penetration? (8) What are the additional sensing needs for the new SMART grids and what  new  types of sensors are needed ? (9) How can we source Restoration and Black start services from distribution feeders?

Bio: Dr. Olga Lavrova is an Associate Professor in the areas of Power Systems and Renewable Energy Integration at the New Mexico State University. Prior to that, Dr. Lavrova was a Principal Member of Technical Staff at Sandia National Labs in the Photovoltaics and Distributed Systems  Integration Department. Prior to that, she held position of Assistant Professor at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Lavrova has performed groundbreaking work in power electronics, sensors, and materials for grid applications, and recently led experiments assessing EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) effects on utility components at Sandia’s state of the art EMP testing facilities. Until 2019, Dr. Lavrova lead SNL’s efforts in the areas of novel Sensors for power systems, as part of the GMLC (Grid Lab Modernization Consortium). Dr. Lavrova has been a PI on multiple other DOE- and NSF-funded grants concentrating on fundamental PV materials and device operation, as well as their cost-effective, economical and practical deployment in consumer PV applications, as well as grid integration and off-grid operation (such as in remote or isolated locations).

PhD,  Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of  California Santa Barbara, 2001

MS, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University College London, London, UK,  and A.F.Ioffe Physics Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997

BSc, Electrical Engineering & BSc Physics, A.F.Ioffe   Physics Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1993



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