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Dr. Bill Sanders from the University of Illinois will be on the UTK campus to give a presentation as part of the COE Distinguished Lecture Series on Monday. October 26, 2015 at 4 pm in Min H. Kao 622. His seminar is titled "Challenges and Approaches for a Trustworthy Power Grid Cyber Infrastructure."

Sanders_DLS_copy.pngAbstract: The vision for a modernized "Smart Grid" involves the use of an advanced computing, communication and control cyber infrastructure for enhancing current grid operations by enabling timely interactions among a range of entities. The coupling between the power grid and its cyber infrastructure is inherent, and the extent to which the Smart Grid vision can be achieved depends upon the functionality and robustness of the cyber infrastructure. This talk describes some of the research at the DOE- and DHS-funded Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) Center which is aimed at ensuring that the power grid cyber infrastructure is protected both from accidental failures and malicious attacks from adversaries ranging from casual hackers to nation states. The goal of TCIPG is to provide resilience in the nation’s electric grid cyber infrastructure such that it continues to deliver electricity and maintain critical operations even in the presence of cyber attacks. Achieving this goal will involve the extension, integration, design, and development of IT technologies imbibed with key properties of real-time availability, integrity, authentication and confidentiality.

If you cannot attend in person, here is a link to watch the live webcast at:


Please join Dr. Sanders for this informative talk.

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