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The research center ACROSS (Advanced Collaborative Research Organization for Smart Society) at Waseda University, under the support of JST (Japan Science Technology), invited Dr. Chen and Dr. Tomsovic  to present research at a workshop on Distributed Energy Management Systems in Tokyo from Dec. 5th-10th. Drs. Chen and Tomsovic were keynote speakers for this workshop attended by university researchers, government sponsors and utility engineers. Dr. Tomsovic gave a talk entitled “New Control Architectures for the Future Power System,” and Dr. Chen presented on the human and social perspectives on demand response behaviors entitled, “Social Psychological Approaches to Analyze Demand Response and Promote Energy Efficiency.” In addition, Dr. Chen introduced CURENT’s university education and outreach programs to the audience. Participants included researchers and faculty from Keio University, Nagoya University, The University of Tokyo, Tokaj University, Hokkaido University, Waseda University, JST, Tokyo Electric Power Company, and other industry participants.

One of the important tasks during this trip is the discussion on the future collaboration between CURENT and ACROSS on the area of power systems and smart home management systems, which include exchange graduate students regularly, involving with Japanese and American students in this joint projects, publications and faculty exchanges.  

Dr. Chen and Dr. Tomsovic along with faculty and graduate students from Waseda University also visited the Federation of Electric Power Companies, Tokyo Electric Power Company to see their facilities and understand their power system issues. Dr. Tomsovic gave a talk about CURENT center and power systems theories to Tokyo Electric Power Company engineers. They also made a short trip to Kumamoto University in the Kyushu prefecture to discuss their recently established faculty exchange program.

In February 2016, a group of 7 faculty and graduate students from Japan will visit CURENT as a follow-up research collaboration activity.


 Dr. Chen and Dr. Tomsovic with JST at Waseda University


 Dr. Chen and Dr. Tomsovic with JST at Waseda University