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Professor Joe Chow gave a seminar entitled “A New Voltage Stability Analysis Method and its Application to Wind Farms using PMU Data,” at New York Independent System Operator, a CURENT industry member, on February 24, 2105 to approximately 15 engineers and planners. Chow-Joe_dean.png

Abstract: Computing the steady-state voltage stability margins of a power system is a difficult problem because the power flow Jacobian is singular at the voltage collapse point.  In this talk, we will present a recently developed AQ-bus method for removing this singularity. In this approach, a load bus subject to voltage collapse is modeled as an AQ bus, with its bus voltage angle and reactive power consumption known at each iteration. This mechanism will reduce the dimension of the Jacobian matrix by one.  The application of this method to a cluster of wind farms on a 230 kV system using measured Thevenin equivalents will be described.   

Bio: Joe Chow received his BS degree from the University of Minnesota and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. After working in the General Electric power system business in Schenectady, he joined Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987, and is a professor of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering. He is the RPI Campus Director of the NSF/DOE CURENT ERC. 

His research interests include multivariable control, power system dynamics and control, control of renewable resources and synchronized phasor data. He is a fellow of IEEE and the 2014 recipient of the IEEE PES Charles Concordia Award.