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Dr. Da Yan from Tsinghua University will be visiting CURENT on June 25th. He will tour the power systems and power electronics labs and give a seminar. His seminar will be at 10am in MHK 121. All students and faculty are invited to attend.Dr._Da_Yan.jpg

Abstract: Promoting Energy Efficiency: Occupant Behavior Based Energy Demand Model for Building Technology - With the development of smart grid and application of various renewable energy technologies, it is essential to develop real-time data to couple the demand side with the supply side. Detailed energy analysis demand model is one of the key technologies to estimate energy demand and evaluate the performance of the control strategy of the grid. In building sector, energy demand is strongly influenced by climate, building fabric and occupant behavior as well. A reduce order method has been raised to estimate the building energy demand with diverse and stochastic occupant behavior in buildings. Dr. Yan’s talk will present this type of bottom up models used in demand response application, smart grid and energy consumption forecast through case studies.

Bio: Dr. Da Yan is Associate Professor with the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University, China. His major research topics are building energy performance simulation, occupant behavior simulation and building energy policy research. He has been leading the development of DeST (Designer’s Simulation Toolkit), a building energy-modeling program, for more than 10 years. He is the Operation Agent of IEA EBC Annex 66, Definition and Simulation of Occupant Behavior in Buildings. His research team developed a national building energy model and technical approaches driving the Chinese building energy policy making. He has collaborated research with the Building Technologies Research and Integration Center (BTRIC) at ORNL.