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There will be a special CURENT Seminar on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at 11:00am in MHK 124. Our guests is Dr. Jeff Morroni, Director of Power Management R&D for Kilby Labs, Texas Instruments Corporate R&D group.Dr._Jeff_Morroni.jpg

Seminar Title: Innovation in Power Management – A Researchers Perspective

Presenter: Dr. Jeff Morroni

Time: Tuesday, May 24th, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Location: Min Kao Building, Room 124

Power management is a critical element of all electronic systems ranging from smartphones to servers to automobiles.  Traditionally, power management has been viewed by many as a necessary evil but not an innovation vector.  With the increasing demand for more features, more intelligence and more electronics, power management is now the bottleneck in system performance and innovation is necessary to enable this new and enhanced functionality.  In this talk, some example research and development directions will be summarized from the perspective of an industry leader in power management – Texas Instruments.  An overview of the work on-going to make power converters small, faster and more efficient will be provided.  From new topologies, integrated passives, GaN, SiC, the opportunities for innovation are just beginning.

Dr. Jeffrey Morroni is currently the Director of Power Management R&D for Kilby Labs, Texas Instruments corporate R&D group. In this role, Dr. Morroni is responsible for driving the direction of future power management technologies within Texas Instruments with focus areas in power density, isolation, EMI and high voltage.  Prior to this role, he was a researcher in Kilby Labs focusing on a variety of topics including high frequency switchers, on-chip passive integration, LED drivers and CPU power.  Dr. Morroni graduated from The University of Colorado at Boulder with his PhD. in power electronics and has numerous patents and peer reviewed publications.