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Dr. Joe Chow visited Hong Kong University on January 20, and gave a seminar entitled, “Analysis of Large Amount of PMU Data and Voltage Stability Analysis of Wind Farms using PMU Data.”  Chow-Joe_dean.png

Abstract: The talk discussed two topics. The first topic was the use of low-rank matrix ideas to process PMU data for a number of applications, such as disturbance triggering, missing data recovery, and detection of substituted data; and utilization techniques such as matrix completion methods.  This approach has the advantage of providing a common framework for spatial-temporal analysis of large amount of PMU data. The second topic was the application of PMU data for the analysis of voltage stability associated with wind farms connected to median voltage transmission systems. The tool can be used to accurately assess the amount of wind power that can be accepted without exceeding the reactive power capability of the transmission system.  

Bio: Joe Chow received his BS degree from the University of Minnesota and MS and PhD degrees from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. After working in the General Electric power system business in Schenectady, he joined Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1987, and is a professor of Electrical, Computer, and Systems Engineering. He is the RPI Campus Director of the NSF/DOE CURENT ERC. 

His research interests include multivariable control, power system dynamics and control, control of renewable resources and synchronized phasor data. He is a fellow of IEEE and the 2014 recipient of the IEEE PES Charles Concordia Award.