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Geraldo Zarazua de Rubens, Aarhus University, Presents Seminar on Monday, July 9

Geraldo Zarazua de Rubens, visiting Ph.D. candidate from Aarhus University in Denmark, will present a seminar on Monday, July 9th in MHK 124 at 11:00 am.

Presenter: Geraldo Zarazua de Rubens

When: Monday, July 9th, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM ESTGerardo Zarazua de Rubens.jpg

Location: Min H. Kao Building, Room 124

Title: How feasible are electric vehicles? Investigating the challenges and opportunities of electric mobility and vehicle-to-grid

Abstract: This presentation will focus on the feasibility of electric vehicle adoption by identifying challenges, opportunities and a roadmap for implementation. It uses the results of a 3-year research project across the Nordic countries between 2016-2018. The talk will include the three main parts: 1) overview of EVs situation; 2) challenges of EV adoptions including experts and industry perceptions, automotive retail space and early and potential mainstream adopters; and 3) roadmap for EV adoption.

Bio: Gerardo Zarazua de Rubens is a research and doctoral fellow at Centre for Energy Technologies (CET) at Aarhus University in Denmark. He specializes on energy and transport systems, data analytics (machine learning), sustainability and business development. His research has focused on energy and climate policy, sustainable development, economic and managerial science. He has also worked in the private sector as a consultant and researcher on international electricity markets, and non-traditional business models of energy supply; as well as coordinator and adviser on international logistics and transport. Gerardo received his MSc in Sustainable Development from the University of St Andrews, Scotland, in 2014.