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Hantao Cui and Alec Yen Present Papers at 2018 NAPS Conference

CURENT would like to acknowledge students Hantao Cui and Alec Yen. They attended the North American Power Symposium (NAPS) 2018 that was held from September 9-11, 2018 in Fargo, North Dakota. Hantao Cui, a PhD student advised by Dr. Fran Li, presented his paper entitled “ANDES, a Python-Based Cyber-Physical Power System Simulation Tool.” Alec Yen, an undergraduate third-year student advised by Hantao and Dr. Kevin Tomsovic, presented his paper entitled, “CXSparse-Based Differential Algebraic Equation Framework for Power System Simulation.” The papers will be published in IEEE Xplore.

NAPS is a conference aimed towards graduate students from universities across North America. The conference was well-organized by individuals at North Dakota State University, as the entirety of the event included numerous paper sessions, banquets, and even a tour of the surrounding region. Prior to the conference, a tour of Lake Itasca in north central Minnesota was included. During the conference, Masters and PhD students presented research from their accepted papers in scheduled paper sessions, covering a wide array of topics in power systems, from dynamics and control to operations and planning to communications.

Hantao’s research presented the open-source simulator, ANDES, as part of the Large-Scale Test Bed (LTB), for communication network-in-the-loop cyber-physical simulation. The presentation showed the board impact that the CURENT testbeds have on the research community and the industry.

Alec’s research examined the optimization of differential algebraic equation (DAE) frameworks that are used in power system simulators. The acceptance of his paper to a conference and subsequent presentation and publication as an undergraduate student is a considerable achievement, signifying excellence in education from CURENT’s REU program.

Alec states.“Doing undergraduate research under CURENT has been a great experience. I enjoyed the excitement of doing research and motivating myself to publish and present at a conference. I learned a great deal at every step of the publication process, from drafting to revising to presentation to publication. The REU program at CURENT has been very supportive, and I am indebted to my graduate student mentor Hantao for advising me and suggesting that I publish my research.”

Congratulations to both these students for their fine work!

Hantao Cui and Alec Yen NAPS 2108.jpg

Alec Yen and Hantao Cui at NAPS 2018 in Fargo, ND