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North American Synchrophaser Initiative (NASPI) on Oct. 22nd

On October 22nd, the North American Synchrophasor Initiative (NASPI) hosted a technical workshop to demonstrate oscillation detection and voltage stability techniques developed by manufacturers and universities.  Dr. Yilu Liu and Dr. Joe Chow demonstrated their techniques for voltage stability and oscillation detection.  The videos below show the techniques that were presented at NASPI.

Dr. Yilu Liu is a Governor's Chair Professor at UTK/ORNL and a Fellow of IEEE.  She is the co-director of NSF ERC CURENT and leads the monitoring thrust.   The FNET system is a low-cost, GPS-synchronized wide-area power system frequency measurement network.  For more information please contact Dr. Yilu Liu.

Download a Video of Dr. Liu Presenting

Dr. Joe Chow is a Professor at RPI and a Fellow of IEEE.  He is the campus director at RPI for CURENT and leads the control thrust.  Dr. Chow and Dr. Scott Ghiocel developed the AQ bus method to deal with the shortcomings of traditional power flow techniques.  The AQ bus method avoids the singularities encountered by normal power flow techniques without adding a continuation parameter to the Jacobian matrix.  For more information please contact Dr. Joe  Chow. 

Download a Video from NASPI