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Research Experience for Teachers

Summer Dates: June 9th - July 18th, 2014


Program Summary

The Center sponsors two programs for teachers interested in performing research. The experience can be used to improve both their own content knowledge and their classrooms. We offer (1) an academic year research experience and (2) a six-week summer Research Experience for Teachers (RET) focusing on electric power and energy systems that is geared specifically for middle and high school teachers. 

Pre-college education staff work with pre-college partner school administrators to recruit science, technology, mathematics, and other relevant teachers to attend.


The RET program aims to support teachers each summer and during each academic year term.

Teachers will have the opportunity to work with CURENT's faculty and graduate students in our world-class facilities. The program includes both a content-knowledge based component and a curriculum development aspect so that teachers will have ideas to take back to the classroom.


  • The participants in the program will be expected to dedicate between 3-5 hours per week for the academic year term, and 35-40 hours per week during the summer experience. For their efforts performing research, teachers will receive classroom support funding and/or a stipend for their work in CURENT's RET program.
  • Each teacher will also be expected to create a poster towards the end of the term that displays his or her research. The poster will be presented to CURENT researchers.

Research Areas

RET participants will be able to choose from a variety of research areas. Broad areas include electrical engineering fundamentals, smart grid technology, and renewable energy. Additional in-depth topics include some of the following:

  • Power Systems
  • Power Electronics
  • Distribution System Design
  • Electronic Power Conversion
  • Power Quality
  • Design, modeling, control, and integration of advanced power electronics converters

Commitment to Diversity

The Center is committed to promoting diversity within science and engineering. We especially encourage teachers who are women and/or from underrepresented groups (African American, Native American, Hispanic/Latino, Pacific Islander) to apply to our RET program.