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CURENT, Center for Ultra-Wide-Area Resilient Electric Energy Transmission Networks, is a National Science Foundation Engineering Research Center that is jointly supported by NSF and the Department of Energy, A collaboration between academia, industry, and national laboratories, CURENT is led by the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Partner institutions include:

CURENT's Vision

  • A nation-wide or continent-wide transmission grid that is fully monitored and dynamically controlled in real-time for high efficiency, high reliability, low cost, better accommodation of renewable energy sources, full utilization of energy storage, and accommodation of responsive load.

  • A new generation of electric power and energy systems engineering leaders with global perspectives and diverse backgrounds.


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The October Industry Seminar featured Wanda Reder, who is the Vice President of the Power Systems Solutions at S&C Electric Company. Ms. Reder's talk was titled the Future of the Grid and discussed the significant transformations the U.S. electric grid is currently undergoing from the introduction of digital technologies, policies encouraging the growth of renewable and distributed energy resources, and increasing engagement of electricity customers and businesses in both managing and producing energy.


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