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Family Engineering Night at Sequoyah Elementary School

CURENT Education Outreach facilitated an Engineering Night at Sequoyah Elementary School in Knoxville, TN on Dec.4th The event ran from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Educational Outreach Coordinator Erin Wills and nine CURENT students set up nine project stations and helped with two other stations for Sequoyah students and their parents to experience. Mr. Wills and the CURENT students were on hand to help with the activities.  

An estimated 300 people attended the event.  A special thanks goes to Sequoyah Elementary teachers and UTK students who helped supervise each activity.  Additionally, L&N STEM Academy participation was greatly appreciated by all that attended.  The L&N Robitics team demonstrated one of their robots by taking students on short rides through the school's cafeteria.

For more information about engineering nights, go to the CURENT FEN Webpage.


Photo Above:  An engineering night held within an elementary school gymnasium.  Engineering activities are arranged around the perimeter of the room so that families can go from station to station.  A card with the activity names printed on it, known as a blueprint, is given to the students so they can collect stickers for each activty completed.