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Student Seminars


The SLC organizes a seminar for students to share their research. Students from partner universities join the seminars via webcast or watch a video recorder version. At each seminar, two graduate students present their research. The seminars offer students the opportunity to share their research with other students and provide a platform to enhance their presentation skills.

The following list includes the student presenters and their research topic: 

ID & Date





 IND 1




 MHK 124

Modeling and Simulation of Electrical Power Systems using OpenIPSL.org and GridDyn Dr. Luigi Vanfretti and Dr. Philip Top

Volunteer to Present

We are always looking for presenters, preferable two graduate students, one professional development speaker, and one industry speaker per month.  Past presentations may be resused but please keep in mind that the audience will have a mix of minimal to expert awareness on techical topics.

The audience is typically about 20% undergraduates, 25% power electronics graduate students, 45% power systems graduate students and 10% computer science.

Seminars are every Friday from 12:20pm - 1:10pm.  Other date and time ranges can be cordinated.  Graduate student presentations are typically 20 minutes long with a few minutes of questions.  Industry and faculty seminars are typically 35-40 minutes long with the remainder of the time devoted to questions. 

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