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Student Papers

Actuation and HVDC

Le Kong Angle Droop Design for Grid-Forming Inverters Considering Impacts of Virtual Impedance Control article_16px.png Paper
Le Kong Comparative Study of Dynamical Requirement Impacts on System Design of Notional Aircraft Dc and Ac Electric Power Systems article_16px.png Paper
Le Kong Development of a Two-Level VSC Based DC Impedance Measurement Unit article_16px.png Paper
Shuyao Wang Electromechanical Transient Modeling of Fast Electric Vehicle Charging Unit article_16px.png Paper
Liang Qiao Nodal Admittance Matrix Based Area Partition Method for Small-Signal Stability Analysis of Large- Scale Power Electronics Based Power Systems article_16px.png Paper


Hardware Testbed

Yunting Liu Decoupling Capacitor Design for Multi-Inverter Based Grid Emulator System article_16px.png Paper
Jingjing Sun Development of a Converter-Based Data Center Power Emulator article_16px.png Paper
Shuyao Wang Power Emulator of Variable Speed Drive with Grid Frequency Support in Multi-Converter Based Power Grid Emulation System article_16px.png Paper
Taylor Short Primary Frequency Control Using Motor Drives for Short Term Grid Disturbances article_16px.png Paper
Leon Tolbert Reconfigurable Real-Time Power Grid Emulator for Systems with High Penetration of Renewables article_16px.png Paper
Ishita Ray Small-Signal Impedance Analysis of the Impact of Grid-Forming Controllers on their DC and AC Dynamics article_16px.png Paper


Large Scale Testbed

Hantao Cui Effective Parallelism for Equation and Jacobian Evaluation in Large-Scale Power Flow Calculation article_16px.png Paper
Hantao Cui Hybrid Symbolic-Numeric Framework for Power System Modeling and Analysis article_16px.png Paper


Power Converter Design and Control

Ren Ren A Closed-Loop Modulation Scheme for Duty Cycle Compensation of PWM Voltage Distortion at High Switching Frequency Inverter article_16px.png Paper
Ben Dean A Communication Testbed for Testing Power Electronic Agent Systems article_16px.png Paper
Liyan Zhu A Current-fed Three-port DC/DC Converter for Integration of On-board Charger and Auxiliary Power Module in Electric Vehicles article_16px.png Paper
Jingjing Sun A GaN-Based CRM Totem-Pole PFC Converter with Fast Dynamic Response and Noise Immunity for a Multi-Receiver WPT System article_16px.png Paper
Yang Huang A Novel SPWM-based Common-mode Voltage elimination Modulation Method for Dual Threephase Motors article_16px.png Paper
Ben Dean A Remote Development Process and Platform for Power Electronic Systems article_16px.png Paper
Ben Dean A Secondary Use – Plug-and-Play Energy Storage System Composed of Multiple Energy Storage Technologies article_16px.png Paper
Zihan Gao A Transformer Flux Balancing Scheme Based on Magnetizing Current Harmonic in Dual-Active-Bridge Converters article_16px.png Paper
Ben Dean Agent-Based Distributed Energy Resources for Supporting Intelligence at the Grid Edge article_16px.png Paper
Zhou Dong An Automated Design Tool for Three-phase Motor Drives article_16px.png Paper
Haiguo Li An Inrush Current Limit Method for SiC-based Multi-level Grid-connected Converter During Low- Voltage Ride-Through article_16px.png Paper
Yunting Liu Arm Inductance Quantification for Y-Matrix Modulated Modular Multilevel Converter article_16px.png Paper
Ren Ren Bridging Gaps in Paper Design Considering Impacts of Switching Speed and Power-loop Layout article_16px.png Paper
Yu Yan Building Common-Mode Analytical Model for Dual Active Bridge Incorporating with Different Modulation Strategies article_16px.png Paper
Dingrui Li Controller Design and Implementation of a Medium Voltage (13.8 kV) Modular Multi-Level Converter for Asynchronous Microgrids article_16px.png Paper
Jingjing Sun Design of a Resonant Reactive Shielding Coil for Wireless Power Transfer System article_16px.png Paper
Dingrui Li Grid Stability Enhancement by a High Voltage SiC MOSFET-Based Asynchronous Microgrid Power Conditioning System article_16px.png Paper
Kamal Sabi Improved Lifetime of GaN-Based Single Phase PV Inverter Using Dynamic Hardware Allocation article_16px.png Paper
Haiguo Li Medium Voltage Converter Inductor Insulation Design Considering Grid Insulation Requirements article_16px.png Paper
Jingjing Sun Mitigation of Current Distortion for GaN-Based CRM Totem-Pole PFC Rectifier with ZVS Control article_16px.png Paper
Handong Gui Modeling and Mitigation of Multi-Loops Related Device Overvoltage in Three Level Active Neutral Point Clamped Converter article_16px.png Paper
Jiahao Niu Modular Multilevel Converter Based Reconfigurable Ac Load Emulator article_16px.png Paper
Dingrui Li Paralleling Operation of 10 kV SiC MOSFET-Based Modular Multi-Level Converters (MMCs) for Scalable Asynchronous Microgrid Power Conditioning System article_16px.png Paper
Xin Xu Simulation of Modular Multilevel Converter System Via an Analytical Approach article_16px.png Paper
Jared Baxter Steady-State Convergence of Discrete Time State-Space Modeling with State-Dependent Switching article_16px.png Paper
Haiguo Li The Impact of the Lightning Surge on SiC-based Medium-voltage Three-phase Four-wire Gridconnected Converters article_16px.png Paper
Yunting Liu Three-Phase DC Capacitor-Less Solid-State Variable Capacitor article_16px.png Paper
Ximu Zhang Using Machine Learning Technology to Online Predict the Maximum Common Mode Current of Three-phase Motor Drive Inverter article_16px.png Paper


Power Electronic Devices and Components

Ruiyang Qin A High Frequency Wireless Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Charging Using Multi-layer Nonuniform Self-resonant Coil at MHz article_16px.png Paper
Xingxuan Huang A Test Scheme for the Comprehensive Qualification of MMC Submodule Based on 10 kV SiC MOSFETs under High dv/dt article_16px.png Paper
Yunting Liu Aging Effect Analysis of PV Inverter Semiconductors for Ancillary Services Support article_16px.png Paper
Xingxuan Huang Analysis and Gate Driver Design Considerations of 10 kV SiC MOSFETs under Flashover Fault due to Insulation Failure article_16px.png Paper
Ren Ren Characterization and Failure Analysis of 650-V Enhancement-Mode GaN HEMT for Cryogenically Cooled Power Electronics article_16px.png Paper
Handong Gui Charge Pump Gate Drive to Reduce Turn-on Switching Loss of SiC MOSFETs article_16px.png Paper
Andrew Foote Fourier Analysis Method for Wireless Power Transfer Coil Design article_16px.png Paper
Handong Gui Gate Drive Technology Evaluation and Development to Maximize Switching Speed of SiC Discrete Devices and Power Modules in Hard Switching Applications article_16px.png Paper
Wen Zhang High-Bandwidth Low-Inductance Current Shunt for Wide-Bandgap Devices Dynamic Characterization article_16px.png Paper
Wen Zhang High-Bandwidth Shielded Rogowski Coil Current Sensor for SiC MOSFET Power Module article_16px.png Paper
Ren Ren Impedance-based Common-mode Inductor Design Approach Considering Frequency-dependent and Imaginary Permeability article_16px.png Paper
Zhou Dong Instability Issue of Paralleled Dies in an SiC Power Module in Solid-State Circuit Breaker Applications article_16px.png Paper
Wen Zhang Large-Signal Stability Analysis of Self-Turn-On in Switching Transients article_16px.png Paper
Ren Ren Leakage Inductance Estimation of Toroidal Common-mode Choke from Perspective of Analogy between Reluctances and Capacitances article_16px.png Paper
Handong Gui Methodology of Low Inductance Busbar Design for Three-Level Converters article_16px.png Paper
Xingxuan Huang Noise Immunity of Desat Protection Circuitry for High Voltage SiC MOSFETs with High dv/dt article_16px.png Paper
Ruirui Chen Overcurrent and Short-circuit Capability Experimental Investigation for GaN HEMT at Cryogenic Temperature article_16px.png Paper
Zhe Yang Overcurrent Capability Evaluation of 600 V GaN GITs under Various Time Durations article_16px.png Paper
Yunting Liu Quasi-Static Time Series Fatigue Simulation for PV Inverter Semiconductors with Long-Term Solar Profile article_16px.png Paper


Power System Control

Abdul Mohammed A PSO Based Control Strategy for Combined Emission Economic Dispatch with Integrated Renewables article_16px.png Paper
Yu Su An Adaptive PV Frequency Control Strategy Based on Real-Time Inertia Estimation article_16px.png Paper
Min Xiong Approximation of the Frequency-Amplitude Curve Using the Homotopy Analysis Method article_16px.png Paper
Sheng Zheng DC-Saturated Continuously Variable Series Reactors (CVSRs) for Power Flow Control in Power Transmission Systems article_16px.png Paper
Xin Xu Direct Damping Feedback Control Using Power Electronics-Interfaced Resources article_16px.png Paper
Jeremy Till Impact of High PV Penetration on Voltage Stability article_16px.png Paper
Samaneh Morovati Inertia Emulation Control using Demand Response via 5G Communications article_16px.png Paper
Yunting Liu Modeling of Marginal Cost for PV Inverter Ancillary Services Considering Inverter Aging under Transactive Energy Framework article_16px.png Paper
Paychuda Kritprajun Reactive Power Allocation of PV Inverters for Voltage Support in Power Systems Based on Transactive Energy Approach article_16px.png Paper
Paychuda Kritprajun VOLTTRONTM Agent Development for Enabling Reactive Power Support of Non-Utility DERs by Integrating Transactive Energy Approach article_16px.png Paper


Power System Estimation

Yang Liu A Dynamized Power Flow Method Based on Differential Transformation article_16px.png Paper
Cesar Galvez Fault Location in Meshed and Active Power Distribution Networks article_16px.png Paper
Ramtin Khalili Iterative Linear State Estimation Using a Limited Number of PMU Measurements article_16px.png Paper


Power System Modeling

Wei Qiu Ambient-based Oscillation Mode Analysis via Dynamic Ensemble ITD and ARMA Model for Converter-based FFR Application article_16px.png Paper
Hang Shuai Branching Dueling Q-Network Based Online Scheduling of a Microgrid With Distributed Energy Storage Systems article_16px.png Paper
Qiwei Zhang Cyber-Vulnerability Analysis for Real-Time Power Market Operation article_16px.png Paper
Jin Zhao Deep Learning based Model-free Robust Load Restoration to Enhance Bulk System Resilience with Wind Power Penetration article_16px.png Paper
Qiwei Zhang Financial Resilience and Financial Reliability for Systemic Risk Assessment of Electricity Markets with High-Penetration Renewables article_16px.png Paper
Qiwei Zhang From Systematic Risk to Systemic Risk: Analysis Over Day-Ahead Market Operation Under High Renewable Penetration by CoVaR and Marginal CoVaR article_16px.png Paper
Qiwei Zhang Market-Level Defense Against FDIA and a New LMP-Disguising Attack Strategy in Real-Time Market Operations article_16px.png Paper
Qiwei Zhang Profit-Oriented False Data Injection on Electricity Market: Reviews, Analyses, and Insights article_16px.png Paper
Xiaofei Wang Tri-Level Scheduling Model Considering Residential Demand Flexibility of Aggregated HVACs and EVs Under Distribution LMP article_16px.png Paper


Power System Monitoring

Shutang You A Review on Artificial Intelligence for Grid Stability Assessment article_16px.png Paper
Le Chen A Systematic Approach to Light Load Calculation for DG Un-Intentional Islanding article_16px.png Paper
He Yin Alignment Method for Synchronized Phase Angle Measurement With Presence of Practical Time Shift article_16px.png Paper
Abdulelah Alharbi Correlation between Generator Trips and Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs) article_16px.png Paper
Wei Qiu Cyber Spoofing Detection for Grid Distributed Synchrophasor Using Dynamic Dual-Kernel SVM article_16px.png Paper
Wei Qiu Detection of Synchrophasor False Data Injection Attack Using Feature Interactive Network article_16px.png Paper
Wei Qiu Hybrid Data-Driven Based HVdc Ancillary Control for Multiple Frequency Data Attacks article_16px.png Paper
Jiaojiao Dong Integrating Transactive Energy into Reliability Evaluation for a Self-healing Distribution System with Microgrid article_16px.png Paper
He Yin Low cost, flexible, and distribution level universal grid analyser platform: designs and implementations article_16px.png Paper
He Yin Pulsar Based Alternative Timing Source for Grid Synchronization and Operation article_16px.png Paper
Wei Qiu Pulsar Based Timing for Grid Synchronization article_16px.png Paper
Chang Chen Real-Time Lossless Compression for Ultra-High-Density Synchrophasor and Point on Wave Data article_16px.png Paper
Weikang Wang Synchrophasor Data Compression Under Disturbance Conditions via Cross-Entropy-Based Singular Value Decomposition article_16px.png Paper
Wei Qiu Time-frequency based cyber security defense of wide-area control system for fast frequency reserve article_16px.png Paper


Other Categories

Ben Dean Vulnerability Detection Methodology for a Digital Signal Processor Micro-Controller at Edge Level Distributed Energy Resource Controller article_16px.png Paper