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JST-NSF-DFG-RCN Presentations

Day 1: April 20, 2015 (Monday)

7:30- 8:30 Registration, Breakfast and Networking

8:30- 8:40 Welcome: Prof. Kevin Tomsovic, University of Tennessee, and Dr. Kishan Baheti, NSF

8:40-8:50  Welcome from Japan: Dr. Shoichiro Tonomura, Executive Director, JST and Mr. Akira Tsugita, Science Counselor, Embassy of Japan    

SESSION 1 - Prof. Kevin Tomsovic, University of Tennessee (Session Chair) 

8:50-9:20  Research Overviews & Objectives of Workshop -Prof. Masayuki Fujita, JST

9:20-9:50  Keynote Speech: Cybersecurity of Power Grids - Prof. William Sanders, University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

9:50-10:05  Networking Break

SESSION 2 - Dr. Frank Allgower, DFG (Session Chair) 

10:05-10:15  Prior Workshop Recommendations -Prof. Anthony Kuh, University of Hawaii   

10:15-11:40 Review Process / Funding Modalities - Program Director Perspectives

11:40-12:10  Keynote Speech: Towards Harmonized Power System Control under Photovoltaic Power Prediction Uncertainty - Prof. Jun-ichi Imura, Tokyo Institute of Technology

12:10-13:15  Lunch

13:15-14:20  Poster Session / Networking

SESSION 3 – Dr. Dagmar Niebur, Drexel University (Session Chair) 

14:20-14:40  Current Issues in Power System Research - Prof. Istvan Erlich, The University of Duisburg-Essen

14:40-15:00  Collaborative Industry/University Research at PSERC - Prof. Vijay Vittal, Director, Industry - University Collaborative Research (PSERC) Arizona State University

15:00-15:20  Next Generation EMS Control Center - Dr. Jay Giri, Alstom Grid

15:20-15:40  Engineering Research Centers and CURENT - Prof. Kevin Tomsovic, NSF/DOE Engineering Research Center – CURENT University of Tennessee

15:40-16:00  Networking Break

SESSION 4 - Prof. Peter Sauer, UIUC (Session Chair) 

16:00-16:20  Demand Response Using Linear Supply Function Bidding - Prof. Munzer Dahleh, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

16:20-16:40  Prediction and Optimization of EMS Using In-Vehicle Batteries and Their Aggregation - Prof. Tatsuya Suzuki, Nagoya University

16:40-17:00  Impact of Converter Properties on the System Behavior of Electric Grids - Prof. Axel Mertens, The University of Hannover

17:00-17:20  Robustness and Cost Efficiency through User Flexibility in the Distribution Network -Dr. Knut Samdal, Research Director SINTEF (Stiftelsen for industriell og teknisk forskning) Energy

17:20          Adjourn

Day 2: April 21, 2015 (Tuesday)

7:30- 8:30   Registration, Breakfast and Networking

SESSION 5 - Dr. El-Ghazaly, NSF (Session Chair) 

8:30-8:50  The Vision and Pathway for Grid, Microgrid and Emerging Grid Development - Prof. Mani Venkata, Alstom/University of Washington

8:50-9:10  Cybersecurity of Power Grids - Prof. Chen-Ching Liu, Washington State University

9:10-9:30  Our Energy Informations Research Agenda: Putting Bits in Energy - Prof. Hans-Arno Jacobsen, Technical University of Munich

9:30-9:50  Demand Response: Architecture, Privacy and Economics for Integrating Stochastic Renewables - Prof. P.R. Kumar, Texas A&M University

9:50-10:05  Networking Break

SESSION 6 - Dr. Eyad Abed, NSF (Session Chair) 

10:05-10:25  Real-Time Auction Models for Optimal Operation and Control of Power Networks - Prof. Kenko Uchida, Waseda University

10:25-10:55  Keynote Speech: The Norwegian Move to Smartgrid – Opportunities and Challenges in a European Context - Prof. Olav B. Fosso, Director, Strategic Research Area Energy Norwegian University of Science and Technology

10:55-12:15  Junior Researcher Session Panel

  • Can we build the grid from the bottom up? - Prof. Ram Rajgopal, Stanford University
  • Distributed Optimization Algorithms for Wide-area Monitoring of Power Systems - Prof. Aranya Chakrabortty, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
  • Estimating and Mitigating Cascading Failure Risk - Prof. Paul Hines, University of Vermont                       
  • Nonlinear Oscillators and Low-inertia Power Systems - Prof. Sairaj Dhople, University of Minnesota
  • Transitioning to a Modern Power System: the Role of Control, Optimization and Consumer Behavior - Prof. Eilyan Bitar, Cornell University

12:15-13:15  Lunch

SESSION 7 – Prof. Anuradha Annaswamy, MIT (Session Chair) 

13:15-13:35  Nonlinear Control of Power Converters for HVDC Applications - Prof. Morten Hovd, NTNU

13:35-13:55  Specifications for Power Grid Simulation - Prof. Anjan Bose, Washington State University

13:55-14:15  Stability and Control of Systems with High Penetration of Converter Interfaced Generation - Prof. Sakis Meliopoulos, Georgia Tech. University

14:15-14:30  Networking Break

SESSION 8 - Prof. Masayuki Fujita, JST (Session Chair) 

14:30-15:45  International Junior Researcher Session Panel

  • Data-driven Analysis of Power System Dynamic Performances based Nonlinear Koopman Modes - Prof. Yoshihiko Susuki, Kyoto University
  • Welfare Comparison of FIT and RPS - Dr. Yukihide Kurakawa, Waseda University
  • Power System Operation with Battery Energy Storage System Based on Forecasted Photovoltaic Power Output - Chief Researcher Taisuke Masuta, The Institute of Applied Energy
  • Quasi real-time Analysis of Solar Radiation Budget using Geostationary Satellites with Monitoring of Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Power Generation - Dr. Hideaki Takenaka, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
  • Multiple Scenario Forecast for Residential Energy Demands - Prof. Yu Fujimoto, Waseda University
  • Virtual Synchronous Machines for Supporting Flexible Operation of Distribution Systems - Dr. Jon Are Suul, NTNU

15:45-16:05  Planning and Operation Methods for Smart Distribution Grids - Prof. Christian Rehtanz, Technical University of Dortmund

16:05-16:20 - Networking Break

SESSION 9 - Prof. Mariesa Crow, Missouri S&T (Session Chair) 

16:20-16:40  Balancing New Renewables in Europe - Norwegian Contributions and Research Challenges -Dr. Birger Mo, SINTEF Energy

16:40-17:00  Estimation of Renewable Energy by Geophysical Approach and Future Collaboration with Demand Sciences - Prof. Takashi Y. Nakajima, Tokai University

17:00-17:20  Opportunities of Smart Buildings in Smart Urban Grids - Prof. Johanna Myrzik, Technical University of Dortmund

17:20          Adjourn

Day 3: April 22, 2015 (Wednesday)

7:30- 8:30  Registration, Breakfast and Networking

SESSION 10 - Dr. Damian Dudek, DFG (Session Chair) 

8:30- 9:00  Keynote Speech: Development of Methodologies for Collaborative Energy Management System Using Simulation Model and Distribution NW Simulator - Prof. Yasuhiro Hayashi, Waseda University

9:00-9:20  Collaborative and Interdisciplinary Test Beds for Smart Energy Systems - Prof. Sebastian Lehnhoff, The Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg

9:20-9:40  CPS Security Test Bed for the Smart Grid - Prof. Manimaran Govindrasu, Iowa State University

9:40-10:00  A New Unifying Modeling for Scalable Simulation-based Test Beds of Future Electric Energy Systems: Smart Grid in a Room Simulator at Carnegie Mellon University - Prof. Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University

10:00-1015  Networking Break

SESSION 11 - Dr. Kishan Baheti, NSF (Session Chair) 

10:15-10:25  International Science and Engineering - Ms. Anne Emig, NSF

10:25-10:45  Examples of Successful International Collaborations in Neuroscience - Dr. Kenneth Whang, NSF

10:45-11:15  Closing Session

  • Prof. Masayuki Fujita, JST
  • Dr. Pramod Khargonekar, NSF
  • Prof. Frank Allgöwer, DGF
  • Mr. Trygve Riis, RCN

11:15  Future of the Grid - Transitioning to the Future - Mr. Eric Lightner, Director, Federal Smart Grid Task Force, DOE Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability

11:45  Adjourn